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3 herbs which help increase fertility in men and women

If you’re trying to get pregnant, is your diet packed with foods that increase fertility?

Fertility issues affect up to 15% of couples. Luckily, there are a few natural ways to increase your fertility and become pregnant faster.


Known for its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits, turmeric, according to traditional Chinese medicine, can help to reduce dampness in the reproductive organs which helps to create an internal environment that is ideal for conception.

Plus, this herb, along with cumin, cardamom, and coriander, can all help to combat inflammation and support liver detoxification.

Red raspberry leaf

This is a well-known fertility herb that can even be taken during pregnancy. It is loaded with minerals, especially calcium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium, plus it’s a great uterine tonic, which helps prepare the uterus for birth. The tannins in this herb also help support the digestive system.


This bitter green is great for detoxifying the liver and is loaded with calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Detoxification is essential to fertility, as it helps aid the liver in better metabolizing hormones and ridding the body of excess toxicity.

It’s important to include detoxifying herbs and foods in your diet to ensure you are eliminating any toxic buildup, which could affect your chances of conceiving.

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