Afriyie Ankrah appeals to Nana Addo over his seized vehicles

According to Afriyie Ankrah, all efforts by him to get his money reimbursed has proved futile hence his petition to the President.

Former Minister of Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, has petitioned President Akufo-Addo over the seizure of his car by operatives of national security.
He claims he bought the car from the presidential pool of the erstwhile NDC administration, however, he was instructed by the Director of Security at the Presidency, Captain Edmund Koda to return it and be refunded.

But according to Afriyie Ankrah, all efforts by him to get his money reimbursed has proved futile hence his petition to the President.


“In a letter dated 28th March 2018, Captain Edmund Koda, writing in his capacity as Director of Security specifically requested me to surrender to him the aforementioned vehicle on the ground that it was part of the pool of vehicles that were handed over to the current administration on 7th January 2017. In the said letter, he also directed that I furnish his outfit with all the relevant documentation regarding the purchase of the vehicle in order to ensure that the entire amount would be refunded to me after I had surrendered the vehicle”

“For the avoidance of doubt, I must state that in my quest to demonstrate that I acted lawfully in good faith and without knowledge that that said vehicle was part of the pool of vehicles handed over to the current administration, I wrote a letter to Captain Edmund Koda and explained the full circumstances regarding the purchase of the car. As a law-abiding citizen, in the same letter, I reiterated my readiness to expeditiously surrender the vehicle to this outfit”

“Even though I surrendered the vehicle to Captain Koda as far back as on the 22nd of April, 2018, Captain Koda has only acknowledged receipt of same, but has neglected, failed and or refused to take steps to ensure that the consideration I paid to acquire the vehicles is refunded to me despite repeated demands”.

Former Youth and Sports Minister, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah

“it smacks of extreme bad faith that long after the vehicle and all relevant documentation have been provided, the refund has not been effectuated. Till date, I have not received any communication from him with respect to when the refund will even be done.”

“In the light of the indifference of Captain Koda to my legitimate demands and to nip in the bud, this act of injustice that is being perpetrated against me, in a letter dated, 11th September 2018, I petitioned the Chief of Staff to inquire into the full circumstances, and to further ensure that either the full consideration I paid is refunded to me or in the alternative the same vehicle be returned to me in the same condition in which it was at the time that I surrendered it on the 22nd of April, 2018. It has been eight months now and I have also not received any feedback from the Chief of Staff.”

“It is against the backdrop of the foregoing that I am petitioning your good office to ensure that steps are taken to ensure that: i. The sum of GH¢ 37,402.73 (Thirty Seven Thousand, Four Hundred and Two Cedis, Seventy Three Pesewas) being the total amount I spent in acquiring the vehicle be refunded to me as soon as practicable, or

iii. A full investigation is conducted into the matter to ascertain legitimacy of all processes that have been taken so far as the surrender of the vehicle since there is growing public perception and rumour that such seizures are unauthorized and vehicles seized in such a manner are either distributed to friends and cronies or resold on the open market.”

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