Lady walks out on boyfriend after he misplaced promise ring

YEN.com.gh has sighted a video circulating on social media involving a lady who walked out on her boyfriend because he had misplaced a promised ring

In the video that was posted on the Instagram page of Ameyaw TV, the lady was seen walking out on the guy who had knelt down to present the promise ring.

In what seemed like a restaurant, the lady who stood patiently to be given the ring walked out because the guy kept searching his pocket for the ring.

On lookers at the scene began screaming in pity for what had transpired.

No one knows how the ring got missing but it seems the gentleman thought the ring was in his pocket so he already knelt down in a popular way that many do to present promise rings to their loved ones.

Deducing from the video, it is evident that the gentleman had already arranged camera men and his friends to help cheer the romantic moment.

Social media users on watching the video reacted: @qabna_boakye_kb teased: “It’s a restaurant. they should have given him a frytol ring to use”

@beauteeisme wrote: “Awww the way he put his hands behind his head tho like “Ye! I’m dead”

@23sevengh had this to say: “She didn’t have to. She could have still said yes. Oh youth of today”

@edd_stacks quizzed: “Na by force to propose in public”

@addictedtosuccess_africanstyle commented: “why try copy oyibo when u could have just told her to marry you under a mango tree?”

@akyer3ba_lena also wrote: “Ibi d ring she go chop? Aaaa some ladies”

The gentleman who was in the company of his friends had many at the scene troll him while his friends helped him search for the ring.

While the lady walked away, some ladies at the scene tried talking over with her but she will have none of that as she ignored the plead to stay.



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