Opinion: All Youths Above 18 Years Should Be Paid GH¢10,000 On or Before 10th August 2020

As a country we can not deny the fact that the advent of the novel coronavirus pandemic has eaten deep into our nation’s economy as many have lost their jobs with businesses on the decline. We have to rise up as a nation to revive our economy and have our people resume to their normal way of living.

At this point it seems glaring in the eyes that if a cure is not found for the virus any soon, the world might just have to adjust and live their life with the virus in place. If this will be the case, our country need to start putting modalities in place to see that our youths whom have lost their jobs and businesses due to the virus are revamp into the economy.

And for this to be done, the federal government need to intervene in all ramifications to pilot this process. Prior to the outbreak of the virus came n the country, the government reached out in terms of palliative to the less privileged but not all were able to get these palliatives, many families are finding it hard to survive during the time of the lockdown and with the current curfew in place.

It is in this regard that I want to suggest in my humble opinion that the government should reimburse all youths in Ghana that are above 18 years with the sum of GH¢10,000 on or before 10th August 2020 in other to have them invest back into the economy in different businesses and other forms of wealth creation they can put their hands into.

This gesture will go a long way in ensuring that are youths are engaged in this trying times and the rate of unemployment and thuggery in the society will be drastically reduced. When our youths are well engaged, criminal activities in the nation will be reduced to the barest minimum.

We are in a desperate situation as a nation, and desperate situation demands for a desperate action.

Please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.

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  1. Mr President i realy appreciate this good action you are extending toward your peoples who firmely need your help in this difficult moment , thank you in advance Mr President.

  2. If only it’s authentic and not just for political talk then we will be waiting for the stimulant package and will be the criteria that will enable one get access to the said amount.

  3. I think youth that are in the public sector shouldn’t be given this opportunity it will be a cheat because all this while they have been getting their salary on monthly basis

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