SLIM men are stingy-female musician sparks controversy

A female musician has sparked a social media storm by describing slim men as stingy who do not love to spend on their ladies.

The Afro-pop  Nigerian singer, Imelda Ada Okwori drew the conclusion based on her personal experience to the shock of social media users who have been roasting her ever since the comments.

Speaking about the challenges in her music career, she said “Challenges are numerous. As a woman, you get to meet people that would only offer to help you based on certain conditions. Some people would want to date or marry you before they can help you.

SLIM men are stingy-female musician sparks controversy
SLIM men are stingy-female musician sparks controversy

You have to be financially capable because the music industry is not fair to women. To promote music in Nigeria, you need a considerable amount of money.

As a woman, you have to go the extra mile to do certain things because it is an industry dominated by men.

When I got to Lagos newly, I got entangled with a man who said he would help me only if I would be intimate with him.

He advised me to break up any previous relationship I had despite the fact that I had money to pay for my song. I walked out on him but he called me back and now we are friends.

I also lost a contract because I refused to meet with the record company owner at a hotel”



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