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The Chinese ‘galamsey queen’ is back to illegal mining after bail

In last year, Aisha Huang was arrested together with three other Chinese nationals and later granted bail in the sum of 500,000 by an Accra High Court.

Inter-ministerial taskforce on mining has disclosed that Chinese ‘galamsey queen’ Aisha Huang has returned perpetrating illegal mining activities after being granted bail.

Ms Huang was arrested last year over her involvement in galemsey activities in the Ashanti, Western and Eastern regions.

She was arrested together with three other Chinese nationals – Gao Jin Cheng, Lu Qi Ju, Haibin Gao and Zhang Zhipeng.

However, she was later granted bail in the sum of 500,000 by an Accra High Court.

But it has now been revealed that Ms Huang is still into illegal mining activities, despite still standing trail over the same offense.

A special operation on Monday by an inter-ministerial taskforce at a mining site said to belong to her in the Ashanti Region, led to the arrest two persons and confiscation of six excavators.

The Inter-ministerial taskforce said she has been hiding behind her Ghanaian collaborators to engage in galamsey activities.

The task force managed to arrested one of the Ghanaian labourers, but the Chinese miners fled the scene.

Upon interrogation, the Ghanaian accomplice confirmed working for Miss Aisha Huang but will not disclose her whereabouts.

“I and my workforce we work for Mr. Bonsu, Arko and Aisha the Chinese woman,” he confessed, as quoted by Myjoyfmonline.

A leader of the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce, Muniru Ahmed, has however, assured that they will not rest until Ms Huang and all her accomplices are arrested.

“Aisha owns this site. We came here last three weeks and we found three excavators. We sent them to Obuasi. We came today and we have found another four excavators. That means they are still mining and we are still looking for that Aisha.

“And if she knows how to hide, we also know how to search. One day we will get her and we will make sure the law deals with her,” Mr. Ahmed said.

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