Three {3} reasons why guys ghost on you

When a guy is striking all the right chords with you but suddenly stops being into you, this could be why.


Ghosting is said to mean the act of suddenly disappearing from someone’s life after a connection has been created with the person.

For most guys, when they play this unpleasant relationship trick, it is usually for one of the three reasons listed below:

Why do guys ghost on women? (Madamenoire)

1. They can’t break up properly

Some people quietly slip out of relationships because they are worried that they would break your heart by telling you that they are no longer interested in you. But the funny thing is; ending an affair with someone by just cutting off connection actually hurts more.

The person ghosted on has many unanswered questions, he has no closure , he/she is left wondering what went wrong and why you’d just up and go like that.

It’s a coward’s way out, it puts undue worry on the person ghosted on, and it is really crazy but that’s what happens.

It’s one of the reasons why people ghost.

2. Scared of attachment

In some cases, two people of opposite sexes get pretty closer than being just friends and that’s just not cool with one of them.

One of them is doing ‘relationship stuff’ or some similar thing while the other feels boxed in and uncomfortable with the situation but refuses to say anything because he/she fears that the rejection will hurt the other person badly.

So he/she takes the ghost’s way out. They just fade out of the situation instead of discussing it and letting the other person know how they feel about the whole thing.

3. Fu–boy syndrome

A very relatable example is how guys sometimes link up with a girl and lead her on till she feels comfortable enough to let her panties drop and let them in.

The guy’s aim all along is not to fall in love or get emotional and all, but because that’s what the girl wants to hear, they give it to her just so she can give them what they want.

And once they get what they come for, they enter into proper ghost mode.

And just so we’re clear here, this syndrome has been found in women too. So no one is particularly guiltless.


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